We are experience makers. 

We facilitate experiences that open minds and have a positive impact on the lives of those we work with.

We exist to improve lives.

Founded in 2011 under the name Atlantic Youth, Shift is a human services and experiential learning company. Our primary focus is on providing innovative solutions to complex issues facing adults and youth. We do this through a variety of ways including 24/7 group care, as well as fun, activity-based programming in the classroom and beyond. With kids in mind, we also support parents, families and educational leaders through training & development.


Our Pure Fun experiences get kids of all ages excited and engaged. Awesome for schools and special events, youth groups and more, these experiences are sure to make everyone smile!


For children, youth and families, we provide support services centered around sincere human connection. Our focus is on meaningful interactions and empowering personal development.

Professional Development

We help people of all ages & backgrounds release their potential. We are ready to help with advice to working & engaging with youth. We are experts in topics such as addictions, mental health, anti-bullying and more.