We are proud to announce that our CEO, Andrew Middleton, has been chosen as one of the 31 CEO’s named into the 12th Cohort of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (ELP). These CEOs from across the Greater Atlantic Canada employ 633 people and generate $170M in annual revenue.

What is the Wallace McCain Institute?
“The Wallace McCain Institute at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) runs programs for high-growth potential entrepreneurs to give them what they need to succeed. We focus on entrepreneurs who are at a crossroads in their life and company. We surround them with experiences to inform their gut and push beyond where they ever thought they could go. We focus on building business judgement rather than teaching textbook skills. The flagship program (ELP) is so impactful that after the year is over, 99% of the entrepreneurs completing it commit to meeting quarterly for the rest of their lives,” Nancy Mathis – Executive Director of the Wallace McCain Institute.

History of the Wallace McCain Institute
The Wallace McCain Institute was founded in 2006 to build and nurture North American’s most interconnected community of business leaders to improve themselves, their business and their region. The institute was named after its creator Wallace McCain, founder and CEO of McCain Foods Limited. Through his experiences McCain saw the need for a program like the ELP. He believed that this program would have the ability to impact the region in terms of positive economic growth.

Over a decade later and over 150 CEO’s through 11 cohorts have completed this hands-on program. As a result, these CEO’s are pushing themselves and their companies to grow beyond their greatest expectations.

“I can’t wait to connect with other local entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences and other opportunities that the Wallace McCain Institute will provide over the next year and into the future. I look forward to pushing myself and the team at Shift to create more jobs and grow the local economy.” – Andrew Middleton, CEO of Shift.


History of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program
The ELP chooses new members each May, and launches the programming in July. The group meets once each month for one year.  Each session is two days in length and is focused on a central topic.

The ELP Cohort 12 – Chosen May 26, 2019
Andrew will join the likes of:

  • Andre Levesque
  • Jenn Tuttle
  • Dave Carroll
  • Maureen Hanley
  • Mathieu McCaie
  • Brendan Wilton
  • Joshua Counsil
  • Ryan Kennedy
  • Adrian Beaton
  • Joe MacKay
  • Connie McInnes
  • Tracy Bell
  • Shawn McLernan
  • Neils Falkjar
  • Melissa Roy
  • Shane Borthwick
  • Steve Russell
  • Ezra Edelstein
  • Kim Hickman
  • Henry Yates
  • Aaron Furlong
  • Christine Gaudreau
  • Joanna Alyward
  • Melissa Honour
  • Andrew Button
  • Patti Hollenber
  • Sandra English
  • Darcy MacNeil
  • Jarred Dooley
  • Robert Haggis