Ages 5-10 /Up to 35 Participants / 1-8 Hours


ProblemSolvers is a highly interactive group program for kids that works to develop leadership and decision-making skills through fun and games. Perfect for younger youth!

Ages 12-20 /Any Group Size / 1-4 Hours


CHOiCES is a harm reduction modeled substance abuse education program for junior and senior high school students.  Using games and activities to engage students in what they are learning, this program hits home and brings meaningful messages about the reality of drugs and alcohol.

Ages 9-12 /15-25 Participants / 3 days

Playground Leadership

Lunchtime is often a time of chaos and boredom. This award-winning program selects a team of students from higher level grades to work independently with younger students to solve problems, run activities and be good role models in the school, at recess and lunch. Learn more about Playground Leadership here

Ages 9-18 /Up to 35 Participants / 1-20 hours


Life: Social Skills, Problem Solving, Accountability and Character Education. Lifespace is the do-it-all social development program you’ve been looking for that will energize, challenge and change the way your kids will view themselves and their actions.

Ages 10-18 /Up to 35 Participants / Custom

Those Girls

Real girls aren’t perfect and perfect girls aren’t real. This girl-only program is designed to get to the root of the issues. Using group-building exercises, empathy-based activities and self-reflection, each girl will walk away feeling more secure, more confident, and more aware of their impact on each other.

Ages 12-21 /Up to 35 Participants / 1-3 Hours


Lead is an engaging series of workshops that build teamwork and develops problem solving and interpersonal skills in youth leaders and student councils. Full of engaging and innovative challenges, Lead focuses on fostering intentional actions that create change.

Ages 5+ /Any Group Size / 2-3 days


Designed specifically for northern and rural communities, WalkBus is a coordinated and safe “walk-to-school” program that targets issues such as bullying, vandalism, tardiness, absenteeism and safety.