Adults /Any Group Size / 6 hours

Our One Hour

Lunch is that time when kids are at the highest risk for injury and incident, yet are supervised at the greatest ratio by staff often with the least training. Designed for school lunch supervisors, this workshop covers behaviour management, lunch room coordination, playground supervision, activities, and more. Staff will see their job in a whole new light.

Adults /Any Group Size / Custom

With, Not For or To

Mixing participatory conversations and interactive activities, this workshop focuses on simple ways to engage and work with youth in any practice.

Adults /Any Group Size / 1.5 hours

Games That Change

Build your toolbox! Learn multiple fun and innovative challenges, initiatives and activities that harness the power of play to create teachable moments that instill growth in even the most resistant of participants.

Adults /Any Group Size / Custom

Pivot Point

This customizable workshop is designed to build capacity in existing teams that are tackling complex projects. Through meaningful conversations and interactive experiences, stakeholders are engaged to take deep dives into the challenges they face each day with the intention of creating meaningful action plans to carry forward.