Adults /Any Group Size / 1.5 Hours


This practical, informative, and easy to understand presentation will look at the reality of drugs and alcohol used by youth today. Including topics such as designer and club drugs, over the counter medication, current trends and best practice support skills, this is an essential session for any community struggling with drug and alcohol use among their youth.

Adults /Any Group Size / 1.5 hours

Connected Kids

This down to earth presentation focuses on the impact social media and technology has on our kids. Using real life examples, the intention is to refocus our view on the new digital landscape and find innovative ways to harness it’s significance in youth.

Adults /Any Group Size / 1.5 hours

Pursuit of Happiness

This presentation looks at the role self-esteem and resilience plays with kids today. Using examples from our group care operations and school programs, we examine various approaches that anyone can use to intentionally increase resilience and foster positive self-esteem with youth.