Our Approach

We specialize in northern youth services and operate group care facilities in NWT and Nunavut. Our programs incorporate trauma informed care, relational practice and cultural & on-the-land experiences. With a team of energetic local staff and fly-in professionals from all over Canada, we empower youth to view their experiences as a strength and not as a deficit. Our group care services are available only through referral from the Ministry of Family Services.


Located in Iqaluit, NU, Ilagiittugut is an eight-bed/24-hour treatment centre for female youth between the ages of 12 and 19 that focuses on reconnecting youth with families, schools and communities.


Trailcross is an eight-bed/24-hour treatment and therapeutic group care facility for youth aged 12-18. Located in Fort Smith, NWT, the program blends modern clinical practices with comprehensive cultural and outdoor education.

Polar Crescent

Located in Fort Smith, NWT, Polar Crescent is a six-bed/24-hour group foster care facility for youth ranging from infancy to 18. Incorporating meaningful opportunities for growth through play and creativity, the therapeutic program offers holistic and trauma-informed care designed to reconnect youth with their family and community.

4D North

From 2014-2018, Shift operated 4D North, a six-bed/24-hour therapeutic centre for boys aged 12-16 based in Cambridge Bay, NU. With a strong focus on cultural and outdoor education, 4D North is also the most northern group care centre for youth in the world.