Playground Leadership Program

Student Leadership in Action – Kids helping kids!

Recess and lunch hour are often times of chaos and boredom. Older students, when given an opportunity to be leaders, can immediately turn this around by fostering meaningful change in any school. Check out our video to see how this award-winning Playground Leadership Program has helped to lead change at St. Margaret’s Bay Elementary.


How it works:

  • Up to 25 grade 5 and 6 students are interviewed and trained as Playground Leaders.
  • Training takes place at the school by a Youth Program Facilitator over a 3-day period.
  • Playground Leaders are then trained to work independently with younger students to solve problems, run activities, be good role models and to help make the playground a safer place to be.
  • This program is sustainable, easy to run and requires very little effort to re-implement year after year at schools.

Please contact Nadia today for details nadia@experienceshift.ca