Meet Tricia one of our amazing supervisors at Ilagiittugut in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Tricia arrived back in Iqaluit on May 22nd for her 5th rotation at Ilagiittugut and her 3rd as a Child and Youth Care Supervisor. She began working at Ilagiittugut in September 2017 as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner. Tricia holds a Diploma in Child and Youth Work from the Sault College as well as Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Laurentian University. With 14 years in the field, Tricia started her career at Summit Human Services as a Child and Youth Worker and then became a Child Protection Worker with the Children’s Aid Society of Algoma. Tricia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program, which is what quickly moved her into a leadership role at Shift. Tricia became one of two Child and Youth Care Supervisors beginning in March 2018.

Since Tricia became a Supervisor, she has been part of implementing positive changes at Ilagiittugut such as sounder structures and routines for the girls, as well as providing leadership and training for the CYC team. Tricia has an optimistic outlook on life which is contagious for the rest of the team. She never stops until the job gets done!

Meet another one of our amazing team members, Alan.

Alan is one of our locally based CYC team members who has worked with us since Shift became the operators of Ilagiittugut. Alan is passionate about helping youth and demonstrates this in his dedication to the program and the way he engages with the staff and clients alike. Alan is all about the team, he contributes to a positive organizational culture and always shares his ideas and thoughts. Alan is a valued member of the CYC team and we  appreciate all his hard work over the years.