Meet Alex, one of our amazing CYC team members at Trailcross in Fort Smith, NWT!

My name is Alex; I am Inuit from Iqaluit, NU. I’ve lived all over Canada throughout my life. I have a blended family of four beautiful kids with my husband Dylan. I enjoy spending time with my family, doing yoga with my kids, reading, sewing, and harvesting different things from our forest to make salves, teas, and jams. I began working with children and youth at a young age and love to help in any way I can. I’ve had many friends and family members struggle with addictions, mental health and not having a safe place to go.

It is so important that our youth have the opportunity to build the confidence it takes to make the changes they need to break these cycles. Working with youth has been rewarding for me in so many ways and I hope that with the right support and centres like ours, more youth are able to feel the safety and security they need to build that confidence within themselves. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to help our youth look forward to a better future. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Trailcross Treatment Centre is an eight-bed/24-hour treatment and therapeutic care facility for youth aged 12-18. Operated by Shift and designated as a level three facility, Trailcross serves as a therapeutic centre for youth from all over NWT, including Yellowknife. To learn more about job opportunities with us please visit: careers.experienceshift.ca